Can you spot what´s wrong with this bedroom?
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How the right temperature can help you get a restful night´s sleep.
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Eliminate noise and learn how to relax before bed.
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Why a bed that´s not too soft, too hard, too small or too old is essential to getting a good night´s sleep.
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Keep your bedroom free from distractions. It is not a dumping ground for the rest of the house but should be a space that is a haven for calm and relaxation.
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Why a dark room is best for sleep.
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Sleep expert, Kath McGrath talks about how to create the Perfect Sleep Environment. If you need to speak to an expert call the Sleep Matters Helpline on 020 8994 9874 (6-8pm seven days a week)

  • Hi I intermittently wake up in floods of tears and gasping for breath having had the worst nightmares / dreams. The content of the dreams are usually hugely violent to a point where I cannot or choose not to remember what they are. In the past coupl

    Thank you for contacting us with your e mail. As you are aware you do need help and this is the first step on your journey to  a successful nights sleep'

    As you say these dreams/nightmares are distressing and as such you do need professional advice to solve the situation.Please contact your G.P. and he will refer you to possibly a sleep clinic depending on the part of the country where you live.This is also found on the Sleep Council website

    You may be offered hypnotherapy,psychotherapy,C.B.T [COGNITIVE BEHAVIOUR THERAPY] plus other options tailored to your needs.

    The insomnia helpline =0208 994 9874 has trained nurses who you can speak with.Ideally the best will be one to one counselling with a Sleep expert.

    NHS CHOICES have iapt [Improving Access to Psycological Therapies] which may explain the variety of treatments on offer.Good luck and thank you for this e mail


  • I have been on sleeping tablets for 8 weeks, they are ceasing to work. I want to come off them ASAP, how would you recommend a method to return to my natural sleep cycles? Thank you

    I assume the tablets you are taking are prescibed medication (not a herbal or over the counter product). Firstly always take and stop taking sleeping tablets as directed by your doctor.  As your tablets are ceasing to work it is not helpful to continue long term with these.  I would consider 8 weeks long term.  Sleeping medication is often used for three days and then three days without for a short trial say two to three weeks.  Herbal remedies are ok to use for longer periods; you could discuss this with your pharmacist.  I do not know how long or for what reason, if any, your sleep pattern was disrupted but do follow all the points given in the Perfect Sleep Environment bedroom and look at answers to other questions on this site.

  • How much should I pay for a good mattress? Prices vary so much. Do I really need to spend lots?

    The general advice for buying a mattress is to buy the best you can afford - you get what you pay for.  There are always special offers of course!  Do visit The Sleep Council website. There are also informative video clips online explaining the differences and benefits of the different types.  Open coil are the cheaper end but movement can be felt by a partner.  Always go and try mattresses out taking your partner with you, do not rush.

  • I am really struggling with my little girls night time routine and when i get her to sleep it takes me ages to fall asleep then she will wake every couple of hours either talking, crying or just wanting me!! Im exhausted, could you give me any advice? X

    Thank you for this question.

    With the limited information may I suggest a couple of things.Have you looked at and the article called The good-night guide for children which is available to download as a PDF.On the sleep council blog there is mention of a  survey regarding Children and sleep.This may be of help to you.It is essential to try to get a routine at bedtime  but may take a while to be successful.Quiet time or 'down time' may be the start in the half hour before bath/bedtime.After bathroom duties a quiet story and relaxing music with lowered lights might help then firmly     leaving the child in their room These suggestions are discussed by many professionals in different ways. Please do call the Sleep Matters helpline -0208 994 9874 between 6 - 8pm

  • What other natural remedies can you recommend for sleeping better at night? I am loathe to use sleeping pills.

    Natural remedies that have properties aiding restful sleep are those, not surprisingly, which help us relax, which sedate us.  These include valerian, chamomile and lavender.

    We have already seen that having a warm bath berfore retiring is relaxing but adding 10 drops of lavender oil to the bath enhances this effect quite markedly.  A warm milky drink before settling is also mentioned, try sweetening it with a teaspoon of honey.  You may prefer chamomile as a 'tea' drink but a supplement will deliver a higher recommended ingested amount.

    Remember there is a crossover between what we call natural remedies and medication.  Some sleeping pills available from your pharmacy will be herbal only.  Avoid taking natural sleep aids alongside sedative drugs.  Avoid stimulating substances such as caffeine,  tobacco and even alcohol in the longer term, ginger, ginseng.

    Studies have found valerian to be an effective sleep aid.  It may work better for some in combination with other sedating herbs such as chamomile, passionflower and hops.  Some supplements are blended by reputable vitamin/herb/natural remedy companies.  Some of these contain calcium, magnesium and/or vitamin B because a deficiency in these can result in sleep problems.

  • I do struggle to fall asleep, but when I do I find I am waking up every hour or so, and I am so tired the next day for work. This has been going on for a few months now which is taking it's toll. Would you grateful or any advice to help. Many thanks

    Thank you for your question.  It sounds as if you have a lot of tension - find it difficult to relax?  Of course, if you are awake every hour or so you will be tired the next day and this builds up over time.  I wonder if you have sought any other help? Maybe through your GP?  Please follow the perfect sleep bedroom and adapt your room if necessary and follow the other tips.  Some people like soothing music, others a deep relaxation CD in the hour before getting to bed.  If none of this helps how about talking with a counsellor or seeking out a hypnotherapist to help you relax?

  • How much sleep should I get a night? On average I have about six hours - is that enough? I do feel tired at times but not that tired that I can't function.

    The average sleep an adult requires or might expect to sleep is around eight hours a night. However there is no 'normal' length of time, it is whatever is natural for you.  

    You say that you feel tired on times as we all do but it is important that it is not disruptive to your daily life and general health.

    Looking at our bedroom and video and then assessing if there is anything you can do to improve your quality of your enviornment might help you to improve on the time you are asleep.


5 Comments so far...


1 - Kathryn   20/4/2013 @ 22:29

I'm 13, just starting my GCSE's and find it really hard to fall asleep. I know how hard it will effect my exams if I can't sleep, please help?! I also sleepwalk alot... Im desperate.

Hi Kathryn - thank you for your comment. School can be an exrtemely difficult time especially where exams are concerned. Have you tried talking about your concerns with either your parents, an older sibling or even a teacher? They may be able to reassure you. I would also suggest to you that you look at what you are doing before you go to bed. Do you check Facebook or play on a computer? It's really important that you relax before bed. Try reading a book instead. Regarding your sleepwalking - again is this somehting your parents are aware of? You must speak to them about them and try and see your doctor. If you need any further help please call us or the Sleep Matters Helpline on 020 8994 9874 (6pm-8pm daily).

2 - karen   21/12/2012 @ 09:21

i bought a new bed and mattress protecter since both my husband and i have had sweaty sleep less nights took the mattress cover off no more sweating why would a mattress protecter do this.

Hi Karen. It's certainly not universally the case that this would happen! But mattress protectors are made of lots of different materials some of which may be less breathable than others, particularly if they are waterproof. Perhaps yours was one such.

3 - debs42   1/11/2012 @ 20:08

I hope people's bedrooms don't look like image 1! Grim. Never really given that much thought about my own bedroom and I do leave my TV light on and take my mobile to bed. Will definitely think otherwise now.

Thank you for your comments. We can always find something positive from the'perfect bedroom' and also the information from the Sleep Council.

Thank you

4 - Steve   30/10/2012 @ 08:17

Can anyone recommend a good mattress?

Thank you for this enquiry.Please have a look at the website This has information on the different types of mattresses avaiable.There is also a page -Product Finder which will be of use to you.

I hope that you found the information useful about Comfort in bed.This does go through the factors to look for when buying a new bed both the base and mattress.It is essential to try before you buy.

Thank you

5 - Jill   28/10/2012 @ 22:33

Informative site. Will visit again.

Thank you We are glad that you visited us.